The power of digital strategy

Throughout my career, I have centred my work around the web, driven by a passion for digital marketing and optimising online experiences. My expertise lies in web analysis and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Today, I want to share my journey and how it has led me to excel in my field.

From the beginning, I understood the web’s potential to engage audiences. As an Online Marketing Specialist for a Fortune 500 company, I worked on various aspects of the online business, including web management, search engine optimisation, and e-mail campaigns. I coordinated website redesigns, online product launches, and optimised websites for search engines, all with the goals of acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones and reaching new audiences.

My role as an Email Campaign Manager allowed me to deepen my understanding of digital communication. I planned and executed strategic e-mail campaigns, focusing on segmentation, content optimisation, and testing. By using customer data, I developed targeted retention and nurturing programs, achieving significant improvements in e-mail delivery, open rates, and conversions. I also prioritised enhancing overall customer experiences.

With each new position, I expanded my expertise in digital strategy. As a Digital Media Executive, I conceptualised and executed innovative strategies across various online platforms. This involved managing websites, analysing engagement metrics, and optimising campaigns. The successful launch of redesigned websites and award-winning social media campaigns solidified my ability to drive results and make a meaningful impact.

As a Web Analyst and CRO Specialist, I found my true calling. I focus on understanding online user behaviour and using data to optimise web experiences. Collaborating closely with Marketing, UX and IT development teams, I develop new online experiences based on robust data analysis. Constantly evaluating emerging technologies, I identify innovative platforms to reach diverse audiences and increase conversion rates.

My expertise in web analytics tools like Matomo, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Lookers Studio allows me to analyse the effectiveness of online marketing activities. I track metrics, evaluate performance, and identify areas for improvement. Through A/B testing, I fine-tune website optimisations, always striving for better results.

What distinguishes me as an outstanding Web Analyst and CRO Specialist is my ability to seamlessly integrate digital strategies across multiple channels. I have managed and optimised search engine marketing (SEM) efforts, implemented successful PPC campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Ads and YouTube, and orchestrated compelling email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp. Leveraging my skills in website management, content optimisation, and social media engagement, I consistently achieve exceptional outcomes.

My journey in the digital realm reflects my stubborn commitment to harnessing the power of the web. With a deep understanding of user behaviour, a data-driven approach, and a passion for optimising online experiences, I continue to thrive as a Web Analyst and CRO Specialist. I am excited to embrace new challenges, push boundaries, and drive meaningful results in the ever-evolving digital landscape.